What To Look For In Custom House Builders


custom house builders

Having a home built isn’t something that people do more than a couple of times in their lives, in fact, many people never do. Building a home from the bottom up can be one of the most rewarding and frustrating things you will ever do, you can be absolutely happy one minute and crying the next. For these reasons and more, it’s a good idea to take plenty of time interviewing house builders to make sure you get one that is compatible with your personality type.

There Are Several Ways To Search

One of the absolute best ways to search for a good home builder is by finding well-constructed homes of the style you like and ask who the builder is. That way you get to see the quality of the work they do, you know that they can finish the job, and you can see their experience level. Some builders only work on one house at a time though, so you might have to wait until they finish the one they’re on and maybe even another one before it’s your turn.

Another good way to locate a good home builder is to contact realtors that work in the area. This wouldn’t work too well in an established part of the city that isn’t experiencing any new home building though. But there are two main types of home builders, one that does spec houses and another that does custom houses.

A spec, or speculation, builder builds the homes that he hopes people will want to buy and then he sells them. There is a certain amount of risk in doing it this way and the homes will many times have a lot of compromises to appeal to the mass market.

Custom house builders, on the other hand, build each house different according to the plans their customers bring them. The homes usually cost quite a bit more, are done to a higher standard, plus there is less of an assembly-line atmosphere during construction. Spec home builders will be building several homes at the same time and their framing crew, sheet rock team or roofers will just go from one house to the next without stopping. By not having downtime between jobs they can charge less and stay busy all the time.

The Home Improvement And Remodelling Shows Are Good Too

Lots of custom home builders attend the local home improvement shows to display photos of their completed projects and gain new customers. That’s great opportunity to meet with the builder, see the homes he’s built, and talk about plans and projects. You’ll know right away if you’re not going to be compatible and you can move on to the next booth easily.

Once you get a good list, then you should head to the Internet to read reviews. Finished homes always have a few small problems that the builder has to fix or repair, but how the builder handles their customer service is what you should look for. If they have a habit of not returning phone calls to their previous customers, they’ll do the same to you when you have a problem too. After you find one that you like that builds the way you want and has good reviews, check his licensing, bonding, insurance and you’re good to go.

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